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A Spell Inside

A Spell Inside - Loginside - CD

Format CD
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Release Date May 8, 2009
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release date: may the 29th 2009
Tracklist :
1. Keener
2. Reveal
3. Stärke 10
4. Your eyes
5. Secrets
6. Reality
7. Waiting
8. Not enough
9. I will
10. Chase
11. Here to stay
12. Someone (is waiting)
A SPELL INSIDE was founded in 1989 by Melrow (vocals, programming) and PeKirk (synths, samples). After some funny sessions the whole thing became bigger and bigger and one year later KlauRo joined the band as a guitar-player. A Spell Inside was born. This moment was the real start of ASI and it was the aim to create a modern electronic style with some slight guitars. Because this was a sound which one couldnt find at any other bands at that moment. 1991 the first demotape was produced called "The wrong spell". There were six songs on it e.g. "We turn to grey" which has been the titletrack of the first album just a few years later. Until 1994 two more demos were recorded - A Spell Inside and Revenge. Above all it was the last one which was very attentive. Some songs were played on several local radio-stations, radio Marabou and the WDR. 1994 it was the time for the first recordings in a real sound-studio. The result were six songs which represented a summary of the period between 1990 and 1994. 1995 the first record deal was made and the label Discordia published this material with the debut MCD "Return to grey". One year later the first longplayer followed called "Visions from the Inside". It was an album which was overwhelmed with a lot of praise by the specialised press.
Zillo: "... it seems so as are A SPELL INSIDE the next big synth-wave-pop act in germany after Wolfheim, Blind Passengers and De/Vision ..." Encouraged by the big success 1997 the MCD "Brothers" followed. There were four tracks on it including a remix of the well-known club-hit "Sinnbild?. But unfortunately there was the failure of the label Discordia just after the release and so it didnt get the large attention which it would have been deserved. After this break-down A Spell Inside only released one song more named "Tr„ume" on some compilations in 1998. Then it calmed down with the band. There were some other projects - e.g. Michaels "Behind the Scenes" - and private reasons for this long break. It should take over two years for the next little sign of the band: 2000 one satisfied the wish of many fans and re-release with "Stories from the Inside" all former ? partial out of stock - material on a double-album. Then in 2001 it was time to start the come-back. So A Spell Inside produced a brandnew album "Hit". They needed more than a half year to finish this production. The release was in 2002 through the label Triton. And in october 2004 A SPELL INSIDE releases their brandnew album ?Vitalizer" at the new label SCANNER followed by ?Essential? in 2004. Style: The unique sound of A Spell Inside is difficult to explain. Maybe its the interesting combination between catchy melodies, compact basslines and pumping rhythm-tracks, maybe its the striking voice. Who knows? But its self-evident there arise something very special which you can descripe as some kind of "technical romance". Call it the revival of the 80ies in a very modern and inimitable way. Besides there is a brilliant songwriting and every song finds the way straight inside your heart. And all together creates this very special ASI feeling; an athmosphere which is carried by melancholic synthi-sequences. Call it a style which hasn’t reached, yet. Upcoming: A SPELL INSIDE are back with their long-awaited fourth release ?Loginside?. More than nine months they concentrated on producing the new A SPELL INSIDE sound. The end result is an electro synthpop masterpiece, surprising the listener with each track - wheather if emotional ballad or dancefloor club song. ?Loginside? brings together pumping beats, perfectly programmed electronics and catchy vocal hooks that will get stuck in your head. Once you hear it you?ll want to listen to it over and over. So, come on and log inside!

A Spell Inside - Loginside - CD

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