Lord Of The Lost - The Love Of God - Maxi CD

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On their new single „The Love Of God“, Lord Of The Lost sport a deliciously matured version of themselves. The Hamburg-based group takes the listener on a no-nonsense trip into a dark vision of the future. Cutting synthesizer sirens howl in a duet with unleashed primal guitar noise – without any prior warning, the new single from Lord Of The Lost catapults you into the apocalyptic future of the upcoming album „Empyrean.“ What follows is dark and dirty Metal-anthem that conjures up the smell of rain, rust and oil and that marks the beginning of an epic space odyssey in search for a new hope for humanity. Lord Of The Lost have carefully evolved into an even more dangerous beast that is harder and more raw, yet at the same time larger, more cinematic and menacing. The limited Maxi-CD also contains the title track in a piano and a wild instrumental version, plus the exclusive b-side song „Another Sunny Day In Paradise“, an evil monolith of a tune that completely defies the expectations inferred from the title. The whole thing is then topped-off with a German-language re-interpretation of the Lord Of The Lost classic “Blood For Blood” by the shooting stars Erdling. Limited to 999 copies in hand numbered Digipaks! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … blast off! Tracks: 1. The Love Of God 2. The Love Of God (Piano [Per]Version) 3. The Love Of God (Tobias Mertens Ego Version) 4. Another Sunny Day In Paradise 5. Blut Für Blut (Blood For Blood - ERDLING Version)
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