Mass Hysteria - Tenace Part 1 (Limited Edition) - CD EP

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A few months after having left their mark on the French metal scene during the "Gros 4 tour", MASS HYSTERIA is back with their 10th album entitled TENACE, which will be released in two parts: TENACE - Part 1 on May 26th, and TENACE - Part 2 this fall.

Recorded at the mythical ICP Studios (Brussels), produced by Fred Duquesne (Ultra Vomit, No One Is Innocent), and mastered by Ted Jensen (Deftones, Gojira, Alice In Chains), the first part of TENACE is dense (7 tracks - 27 minutes), in the manner of the great classics of the genre released during the golden age of vinyl.

And, just like its glorious models, there is nothing superfluous on TENACE - Part 1: punchy track with an unstoppable chorus to start ("Tenace"), perfectly integrated Trap influence ("Mass Veritas"), and even a surprising mash up with Fréhel's song "Où sont tous mes amants" ("Le grand réveil")
This unique combination between variety of atmospheres, texts alternately poetic, intimate or engaged, and flawless production is catchier than ever.

After coming back to the top with the trilogy of masterful albums L'Armée Des Ombres (2012), Matière Noire (2015) and Maniac (2018), MASS HYSTERIA confirms in the most beautiful way with TENACE - Part 1 that they are a unique band on the French and European Metal scene.


1. Tenace
2. Allégorie dans la brume
3. Mass veritas
4. Le triomphe du réel
5. L'art des tranchées
6. Encore sous pression
7. Le grand réveil (feat. Fréhel)

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