Mors Subita - Origin Of Fire - CD

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Get ready for some fiery music: Finland’s Mors Subita unveil “Origin Of Fire”, their fifth full-length album to date and a celebration of extra heavy guitar riffs. 

Blackened by gloomy harmonies, Mors Subita’s melodic approach brings us thrashy riffs paired with highly rhythmic drumming and a slight progressive core within the songwriting, culminating a fresh yet uncompromising metal sound.

Death Metal riffs, blast beats and punchy grooves intertwined with calmer intros and electronic elements, most of the songs on “Origin Of Fire” follow one route: directly in your face!

Those searching for a heavy-hitting metal record that doesn’t follow any trends will absolutely adore what Mors Subita brings to the table with their new album. 

The Album will be released the 13.10.2023.

CD Tracklist:
1. Into The Flame
2. Fire Walk With Me
3. Blackout
4. Blood Eagle
5. Don't Stop
6. Regenerate
7. Vile
8. Downfall
10. Walk Alone
11. The Killing Trend

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