Sunfall - Les Morts Sont Nés Ici (Limited Colored Vinyl) - LP

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UK Metalcore/Deathcore group Sunfall release their debut album “Les Morts Sont Nés Ici” which translates to “The Dead Were Born Here”. This title alludes to the times that we live in and that this album was made in, a time in which everything politically, environmentally, economically and socially seems to be regressing into what feels like an early death. “Les Morts Sont Nés Ici” bears a heavy weight of hopelessness, fear of mortality, loss and grief. Musically, this album is a mission statement for Sunfall and explores different styles within and outside of Metal and Nu-Core. 

Please Note: Visuals are subject to change without notice! The colour vinyl is handmade and therefore each piece is unique.

Side A

Blood Moon
Downtown Death
Infinite Violent Potential

Side B

Pain Inc. Pt1
Pain Inc. Pt2
Broken Mirrors
Down We Go 
Les Morts Sont Nés Ici


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