MOTOR!K - 4 (Limited Red Vinyl) - LP

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On their fourth Motor!k album, the Belgian comrades of the
avant-garde Joeri Dobbeleir (Guitar/ Synths) , Dirk Ivens (Guitar/FX) and Dries D‘Hollander
(Drums) ignites the “Krautrock”-love once again and focus on the essentials: Hypnotic bass, rhythmic drums and
repetitive guitar loops - the essence of psychedelic retro dreams.
Without vocals, Motor!k release a dynamic in their almost traditional
six tracks that grows completely out of the three protagonists’ speedy
ensemble and gives the listener a feeling of a spontaneous jam session.
Pulsating “Krautrock” vibes at its best!

“4” is released as a limited edition on CD and vinyl.

For fans of Can, Neu!, Tangerine Dream

1. Terra Illustris part 1
2. Terra Illustris part 2
3. Terra Illustris part 3
4. Terra Obscura part 1
5. Terra Obscura part 2
6. Terra Obscura part 3

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