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Agonoize - Reborn In Darkness – The Bloody Years 2003-2014 - CD Box - Limited 4CD

Format Limited 4CD
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Release Date Dec 16, 2014
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The Berlin-based Electro-shockers Agonoize have always managed to be one of the most polarizing and popular bands in the scene. With this comprehensive anthology of their first decade of work on 4 CDs in a lavish Digibook, limited to 1000 copies and including a lot of rarities and unreleased songs, they are not only effectively drawing a line under this first chapter of their career, but also delivering an essential milestone for any collector of hard electronic music.

For many of those who are notoriously living in the past, Agonoize have been and will always be “the scene's downfall”, while they are “the hottest shit” to enter the world of Electro in the past decade for the vast majority of the rest of the scene: Agonoize love to polarize and they are doing so with a big grin on their faces. A major key to their popularity is probably that they've never really cared too much about what other people expect from them. With their very own vision of Harsh-Electro that is built on a plethora of ultra-fattened-up beats, hard bass lines and brutal shouts, but always infused with an addictive sort of catchiness, they manage to turn any club into a slam dancing hell. In their lyrics, they love breaking just about any kind of taboo you can think of and are never shy of picking a fight with all the organized religions, states and idiots in this world, while being so tongue-in-cheek about it that they actually make hitting it where it hurts tremendously fun. If you add their massive blood-soaked live shows to the mix, it is hardly any wonder that this group has enjoyed quite some popularity in the scene. “Reborn In Darkness” - The Bloody Years 2003-2014” celebrates the first decade of work from the Berliners on a whopping 4 CDs, with CD 1 containing a selection of the best club hits from the band, including the long-deleted club-standards “Koprolalie” and “Glaubenskrieger.” The second disc sports a selection of remixes of the band's biggest club hits, a lot of them also deleted and rare, while disc 3 and 4 contain a wealth of rarities, alternative versions and (the holy grail for diehard fans) previously unreleased material. This strictly limited anthology is not only the unique opportunity to own all the most important tracks from this seminal band, but also a must-own for fans and long-time followers! (...and experience from the past tells us that limited Agonoize-editions are usually sold-out rather fast.) Caution! There is blood on the dance floor!

CD 1
1. Bis das Blut gefriert
2. Staatsfeind
3. Schaufensterpuppenarsch
4. Dafür
5. Blut Sex Tod
6. Deutsch
7. Open the gate
8. Sacrifice
9. Chains of Love
10. Koprolalie
11. Death, Murder, Kill (upgraded)
12. Gottlos
13. Glaubenskrieger
14. Femme Fatale
15. Wahre Liebe
16. Paranoid Destruction

CD 2
1. The Holy Flame (Say Just Words Remix)
2. Bis das Blut gefriert (Die Braut Remix)
3. Open The Gate (A.D.N. Remix)
4. Sacrifice (Chinese Theatre Hard Remix 2)
5. Dafür (Peter Spilles Remix)
6. Bis das Blut gefriert (Reaxion Guerrila Remix)
7. God For Sale (X-RX Remix)
8. Schaufensterpuppenarsch (Electro Killer Doll Remix by Die Braut)
9. Femme Fatale (Painbastard Remix)
10. Paranoid Destruction (S.I.T.D. Remix)
11. A Cut Inside My Soul (EzionogA Remix)

CD 3 Rare Stuff
1. I Am (Version)
2. Objectum Sexuality (Hard)
3. Staatsfeind (Feindstaat)
4. Running (Club)
5. Open The Gate (Version)
6. Paranoid Destruction (Version)
7. Strange Obsession
8. Rituale Romanum (Version)
9. Open The Gate (Club)
10. Sexual Violation (Dark Edit)

CD 4 Unreleased
1. Hate (Early Studio Demo)
2. Manic Depression (Instrumental)
3. Untitled
4. PSI.CORP - Love Kills

Agonoize - Reborn In Darkness – The Bloody Years 2003-2014 - CD Box - Limited 4CD

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