Rummelsnuff & Asbach - Äquatortaufe - 2LP

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With “Äquatortaufe”, RUMMELSNUFF & ASBACH make a big catch. “Äquatortaufe” offers with their unique mix of cheeky electro with a stiff breeze of current music and down-to-earth worker’s songs exactly that: hefty swaying and wriggling your dance legs. “Hefty” is very fitting because the captain sings about the delicious sweet dish “Eiorschägge” and “Sauerkraut”. The latter, by the way, is RUMMELSNUFF’s first “real” a cappella song: “A song like an old folk melody, as if it had always been there,” he describes it aptly. A firm pinch of humor is of course not missing – the side effects of the vitamin-rich vegetables are known to all and are musically underlined by “the woody heights of the captain’s bassoon”. “Zeppelin”, a story about the “whales of the air”, leaves the maritime cosmos of RUMMELSNUFF and exudes a touch of the Thirties. In “Bootsmann”, a “very rummelsnuff-like shanty,” you “patiently sail over the long waterways of the inland”. Of course, the electronic “Feuerwehr”, “Müllabfuhr”, which is equipped with its cozier beats and “Kreuzheben” get things really going. Suppose you want to get the steeled RUMMELSNUFF at home in a miniature. In that case, you should secure the limited box - as a little and limited fleet of 12cm hand- painted figurines of the Käptn are waiting for you – together with the CD and cassette (!) – to get into loving hands of their affectionate owners. “Äquatortaufe” to touch and with all the senses. Trackliste A1 Gelber Drachen A2 Äquatortaufe A3 Bootsmann A4 Berlinverbot B1 Interkosmos B2 Kreuzheben B3 Eiorschägge B4 Berliner Forsten C1 Müllabfuhr C2 Wolf und Einhorn C3 Zeppelin C4 Feuerwehr D1 Vater D2 Sauerkraut D3 Landmann D4 Vacances
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