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Release Date: 13. May 2011 It is very seldom that a musical project succeeds in capturing the essence of beauty in such mesmerizing sounds as Seventh Harmonic have accomplished on their new album “Garden Of Dilmun.” Core duo Caroline Jago (also in Sol Invictus) and Ann-Mari Thim (who is also the vocalist of Arcana) weave together intricate patterns from neo-classical and folkloristic elements, driven to sheer sonic bliss by Ann-Mari’s ethereally beautiful voice. Loosely inspired by the Pagan canon, “Garden Of Dilmun” unfolds a cornucopia of emotions, instruments and soundscapes on an acoustic journey that effectively transcends the concept of an album being a mere collection of songs and becomes an all-encompassing experience, instead. Seventh Harmonic’s new opus is an album that longs to be experienced, a veritable feast for the senses and the most enchanting emotional trip since Dead Can Dance’s “Aion.” Tracklist: 1. Valensanimi 2. Aiode 3. Dilmun 4. Imbolc 5. Mabon 6. Eostre 7. Soporanimi 8. Beltane 9. Mneme 10. Litha 11. Samhain 12. Melete 13. Equianimi
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