Solitary Experiments - Every now and then (Limited Edition) - MCD

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The Berlin future pop pioneers Solitary Experiments have been among the world's most successful acts of melodic electro for over 25 years and are well-known for catchy melodies, powerful, danceable beats and the unmistakable harmonious singing of their songs.How time flies... After more than 3 years of waiting, Solitary Experiments finally present their new single "Every Now and Then", which will be released as a limited CD on April 14th.  “We deliberately chose this song because it is very catchy and danceable.  It‘s got everything that makes a Solitary Experiments song a hit, but listen for yourself." Besides the main track „Every Now and Then“, there is not only another bonus track on the EP, but also some excellent remixes from bands like Love & Revenge, Imperative Reaction, A Spell Inside and more.

01. Every Now and Then
02. Every Now and Then (Rework By Love + Revenge)
03. Every Now and Then (WIEGAND RMX)
04. Every Now and Then (Imperative Reaction Rmx)
05. Rise Up
06. Every Now and Then (Zoodrake Rmx)
07. Every Now and Then (A Spell Inside Rmx)
08. Every Now and Then (Mental Exile RMX)

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