Sombre Printemps / by Philippe Fichot / Die Form - Ambient & Film Music 1 & 2 - 2CD - 2CD DinA5 Digipak

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Release Date: 17. June 2011 The intriguing music project Sombre Printemps, which Philippe Fichot/Die Form created in 1991 to commemorate the German author and graphic designer Unica Zürn (the project’s name has been taken from one of her books), is now undergoing a spectacular renaissance, 20 years after its inception. On “Ambient & Film Music 1 + 2“, exceptional artist Fichot yet again takes us on a journey into playful, experimental and surreally tinged sonic worlds. Intricate grooves meet ingenious compositions, wild vocal samples and highly creative sound design in eleven tracks that invade the ears in a disturbing, yet otherworldly beautiful manner. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sombre Printemps, the new album receives a classy double-CD-release that also includes the rare and long-deleted first release “Ambient and Film Music”, on which Philippe Fichot created aural experiments that were way ahead of their time, two decades ago. It has been way too long since the creative mind behind Die Form has last allowed us to glimpse into one of the most interesting facets of his creative oeuvre. For fans of Die Form and for aficionados of creative electronic aural art, “Ambient & Film Music 1 + 2” is an absolute must! Tracklisting: CD 1: 1. Sombre Printemps 2. Chrysalid World 3. Magnet 4. Oceanic Terminal 5. Possession 6. Parasitic Noise Extasy 7. Orphaned 8. Rapture 9. Convulse 10. Nude With A Cross CD 2: 1. Dunkler Frühling 2. Fleur D'Angoisse 3. Parasomniac Soundscapes 4. Unknown Forms 5. Antichambre 6. Syntax Of Pain 7. Schizophonia 8. Neurologium 9. Traces Of Desire 10. Post Cerebra 11. Atra Bilis
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