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"Volt Revisited" is a reimagined delicacy born from the acclaimed "Volt Control" album of 2003. The original double 10” vinyl on HANDS, a gem for collectors, now finds its much-requested reissue on CD! In "Volt Revisited," DIRK IVENS and ERIC VAN WONTERGHEM aka SONAR's signature rhythm takes center stage, undergoing a transformative journey orchestrated by a diverse lineup of international artists from the post-industrial, rhythm’n’noise, industrial techno, and electronica underground scenes. What sets "Volt Revisited" apart is the profound respect each remixer pays to the original material: While infusing their own unique sonic signatures, they preserve the un- mistakable essence of the riginal, ensuring that each track remains an integral part of SONAR’s art. Leading acts such as ORPHX, AH CAMA-SOTZ, GEISTFORM – who are still at the forefront of musical innovation – as well as ELECTRONICAT, CONVERTER, MIMETIC, ROGER ROTOR, FRAMES A SECOND, ROTORIK and HIV+ contributed their distinct styles, weaving a rich tapes- try of sound that pays homage to SONAR's enduring legacy while exploring new boundaries of musical expression. From pulsating beats to atmospheric textures, the remixers add layers of depth and diversity, transforming the album into an immersive sonic experience. Carefully remastered by Eric van Wonterghem, the album retains its freshness and urgency, proving that even after 20+ years, the power and relevance of SONAR's music endure. Don't miss out on this extraordinary reimagination of a classic masterpiece, feel the pulse!


01 Dead is always a Waste (Geistform rmx)
02 Got the Message (Electronicat rmx)
03 Hostage (Ah Cama-Sotz rmx)
04 Tafoukt (Rotorik rmx)
05 Silk Shades (Converter rmx)
06 Tone Loc (Roger Rotor rmx)
07 She's a Stone Killer (Orphx rmx)
08 Before or After (Mimetic rmx)
09 Volt Control (Frames A Second rmx)
10 What You Got (H.I.V.+ rmx)

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