Sopor Aeternus - Todeswunsch – Sous le Soleil de Saturne (Limited A-Side/B-Side Effect Vinyl) - 2LP

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    2x12" vinyl individually hand-finished
    Every copy is a unique item
    A-side/B-side effect
    Red and black
    180 gram
    Extra-audiophile high quality disc
    Black inner sleeve with antistatic lining
    Gatefold sleeve
    32 pages booklet in a large format that does the imagery justice (30 x 30cm approx.)
    Two large square postcards (29 x 29cm)
    Patch with the original “SOPOR AETERNUS” calligraphy
    Hand-numbered by Anna-Varney Cantodea
    Strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide


Side A:

    Flesh Crucifix (Suffering From Objectivity)
    Die Bruderschaft Des Schmerzes (Die Unbegreiflichkeit Des Dunklen Pfades, Den Die Kinder Saturns Gehen...)
    Shadowsphere 1&2 (The Monologue-world And The Subconscious Symbols)
    Saltatio Crudelitatis (Tanz Der Grausamkeit)

Side B:

    Just A Song Without A Name
    Soror (Sister Of Self-Destruction)
    Le Théâtre De La Blessure Sacrée
    The Devil's Instrument
    Drama Der Geschlechtslosigkeit Part 1

Side C:

    Drama Der Geschlechtslosigkeit Part 2
    Somnambulist's Secret Bardo-life (Does The Increase Of Pain...)
    Not Dead But Dying

Side D:

    Only The Dead In The Mist
    This Profane Finality
    Cage Within A Cage (...Within A Cage Within A Cage...)

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