Suicide Commando - Mindstrip Redux (Limited Edition) - 2CD

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Limited edition of 1000 copies worldwide!!!

An album – a milestone – a legend! Like no other album, “Mindstrip” embodies the term Hellelektro and shows the dark, club sounds which have made Suicide Commando world famous. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of this masterpiece, Johan van Roy recalls his bloody roots without losing sight of the dark future. “Mindstrip was a milestone, not only for me but for the whole electro scene”, Johan comments self-consciously. “The album became a big influence on many bands of the scene.” A great opportunity to give this classic piece an overhaul after 20 years. “The original album was written on an old Atari computer and most of the singing parts were partially recorded live”, Johan remembers, „at first I wanted to just re-master those old recordings, but when I started transferring the old Cubase files onto my today's computer, I more and more started to re-write the songs and in the end, most songs had a completely different turnout.” Nevertheless, Johan has never lost respect for the legendary original: “Mindstrip Redux” will be released as a 2-CD version with the new version of the album just like the groundbreaking original. Also, fans of vinyl will surely be thrilled. Yes, you read it correctly, this is the first time since the album was released that “Mindstrip” will be available on vinyl. The entire Redux album will be available as a limited double vinyl in blue and bloody red and also with completely re-arranged versions of the two club hits ‘Cry for mother’ and ‘Dein Herz, meine Gier’.

Suicide Commando - Mindstrip Redux - CD1

Jesus wept (resurrect v.2020)
Hellraiser (post mortem)
Body count proceed (final count)
Raise your god (2020 bigotry)
Mindstripper (re-stripped)
Run (sabotaged)
Comatose delusion (overdose v3.0)
Blood in face (first aid mix)
Love breeds suicide (endzeit 2020)
Slaves (ober the system)

Suicide Commando - Mindstrip Redux - CD2

Jesus wept
Hellraiser (psychopath 01 version)
Body count proceed
Raise your god
Comatose delusion (overdose shot two)
Blood in face
Love breeds suicide

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