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Tragedy Of Mine already attracted attention with their debut album "Tenebris" (2018). In collaboration with Soilwork singer Björn Strid, "Built To Resist" advanced to a true melodic death metal hit. Their melodic-centered metal sound on "Tenebris" has been further developed by the band based in Osnabrück on their new album "Aeon" and spiced up with plenty of details. As Steffen Bunke, the band's vocalist, narrates, Tragedy Of Mine have let the songs mature to the utmost detail, which gives the sound its depth, which had not existed in this way before. Like a fine wine that needs to age for a certain number of years, Tragedy Of Mine allowed their album to breathe, to refine it with all those subtle nuances.

"Aeon" kicks off atmospheric and melodic, presenting a more intense focus on the emotionality in the band's songwriting. Be it the mesmerizing chorus of "Voices“, reminiscent of Gojira's sound with spherical vibes, or the groove emphasized "Dying Inside“, which also taps into an Alternative Metal vibe with fast pacing and furious riffing. Tragedy Of Mine put themselves in the ring along with the leading genre representatives and stand out from the crowd with a groove metal aspect. It is precisely these groove metal elements that not only do honor bands like Lamb Of God; they also ensure a compelling uniqueness together with the choruses. The result is an endless stream of catchy tracks. A paradigm for the fact that this sound works perfectly is "Evolution". Tragedy Of Mine's sound is reminiscent of bands like Soilwork and In Flames, but they master staying true to themselves with their individual approach with intoxicating guitars and a driving vibe.

"Listen closely, listen into yourselves“, Steffen says. "There are a lot of situations in the songs that everyone can compare to events from their personal experiences." This potential for identification, which is inherent in all the songs on "Aeon“, is what makes Tragedy Of Mine's music so accessible and emotional. So it is not a wonder that the band cherishes a large fan community around themselves, who actively embrace their songs and express in conversations what the music of the Osnabrück-based band represents towards them. With "Aeon“, Tragedy Of Mine set the course to expand their community even further and to thoroughly conquer the melodic death metal scene, as well as every fan of melodic guitar music. With their second album, the band from Osnabrück takes their music to the next level and proves that modern, straightforward death metal is not only made in Sweden.

Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.


1. Aeon
2. Voices
3. Dying Inside
4. Hollow
5. Sacrifice
6. The Void
7. Evolution
8. Blackout
9. Shadow
10. The Sorrow

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