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Miss Construction

Miss Construction - United Trash - The Z Files - CD

Format CD
Release Date Nov 1, 2013
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5 long years, the world has tried anything possible to nip a renewed outbreak of this epidemic in the bud, but now all defensive structures have finally collapsed: Miss Construction have returned to infect anyone on this planet with their mad splatter-porn-zombie-party-club-virus, turning respectable human beings into a bunch of lobotomized dancing machines.

The diabolic Dr. Pohl and his manic companion and stage berserker Gordon ?Igor? Mocznay have long fiddled about in their secret laboratory until they managed to synthesize the ultimate virulence composed of beats, bass, nutty samples, gaga vocals and a large dose of black humor in order to finally bring about the age where MICE TAKE OVER THE WORLD? oops! Wrong film. The objective is to turn humanity into remote-controlled zombies that are 100% loyal to Miss Construction, of course. The fruits of this labor are aptly titled ?United Trash ? The Z-Files?, a hearty serving of 14 tracks of fiercely mad dance floor smash-boom-bang with completely over-the-top subsonics, smashing rhythms and lyrics that must have been devised by a completely outlandish mind. Once submitted to a sound emitter of choice, these electronic brainstormers will mill straight through your mind and render you a senseless something comprised of muscle and basic instincts, quivering to the pulse of the beat. The two appetizers ?I?m A Bitch? and ?Discoschlampen? which have already been spoon-fed to an unsuspecting public on compilations have resulted in inexplicable delusions in club crowds around the world, forcing DJs to develop compulsive repetitive spinning disorders. At album length, this sonic horror trash can only amount to one outcome: the total Miss-Constructionization of world-wide club culture and a complete and utter loss of self-control. But, as you know: this is only tongue in cheek and not to be taken seriously. Sure thing!? Stand by to be assimilated!

Track Listing:
1. Inconstruction
2. I´m A Bitch
3. Alptraumclown
4. EBM
5. Tanzen
6. Fest
7. Zombiefied 2013
8. Electrotanz
9. S & M
10. Hey, Zombie, Hey
11. Discoschlampen (reworked)
12. Skalpell
13. Don´t Be Sad
14. Massagger (Demo 2009)

Miss Construction - United Trash - The Z Files - CD

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