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Release Date: July 17th, 2009 Summer time = festival time! Every summer since 2005, a must-attend event is the Amphi Festival, taking place each year in July at the Tanzbrunnen in Cologne. The problem is: very often you hear lots of good and new music and are wishing to take some sort of souvenir home afterwards but your purse, being utterly empty from all the festival madness, will not allow you to buy all the bands’ latest CDs. At this year’s Amphi Festival, things will be different, as we have put together a compilation of the latest hits of some of the best bands – at the price of an EP! 18 titles, a musical mix as versatile as the festival’s line up and an illustrious assortment of artists (among them Hocico, Front 242, Feindflug, Laibach, Covenant, Agonoize, Marsheaux, Eisbrecher, Leaether Strip, The Birthday Massacre, Saltation Mortis and many more) make the “Amphi Festival 2009 Compilation” the perfect festival companion. To top things off, the CD contains one previously unreleased song from both Swedish newcomers Auto-Auto and Berlin-based Harsh-Electro-berzerkers Agonoize, plus some live tracks and remixes. This year marks the Amphi festival’s fifth instalment – so take a piece of it home! TRACKLISTING: 01. Marsheaux "Breakthrough (Radio Edit)" 02. Covenant "20Hz (live)" 03. Laibach "Das Spiel ist aus (Ouroborots Mix)" 04. Front 242 "Moldavia (Live)" 05. Auto-Auto "Starcharts" 06. Agonoize "Legion" 07. Hocico "A Fatal Desire (Live)" 08. Leæther Strip "White Flag" 09. The Birthday Massacre "Red Stars (Live)" 10. Eisbrecher "Herzdieb" 11. Mantus "Letzte Tränen" 12. Qntal "Departir" 13. Saltatio Mortis "Spielmannsschwur" 14. Coppelius "Spring doch" 15. Rosa Crvx "In Tenebris" 16. Jäger90 "Stiefelblitz" 17. Xotox "Lass mich (Scheusal-Remix by Noisuf-X)" 18. Feindflug "AK 47"
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