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V.A. - Mexican Cassette Culture Electronica 1976-82 (Limited Edition) - 6LP Box

Format Box Set
Release Date Jan 20, 2017
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The new Vinyl on Demand Mexican Cassette Culture box set offers a flashback to what was perhaps the greatest musical era and some of the most original music produced in the late 1970’s to mid 1980’s.

This Box covers many of those experimental artists from Mexico such as Aristeo, Via Lactea & Carlos Alvarado, Hilozoizmo, Decibel, Oxomaxoma with Arturo Romo & Jose Alvarez & Miguel A. Ruiz and Voldarepet with Arturo Meza, Juan Wolfang Cruz and Marco A. Godinez.

This kind of music opened a door to an incredible new chapter for many people in the music-scene; One of those discovering the outstanding and amazing Experimental Music from Mexico as early as 1979 has been Archie Patterson of Eurock-Magazine who started to distribute experimental music primarily released on Cassettes which he had also covered and written about in his magazine established in 1973.

At that time, visitors from south of the border came to LA bringing him and a few others music-cassettes and LPs, shortly after coming to buy music and take it back to their record stores in Mexico City. A musical link was created that still exists today. Listeners of Experimental & Electronic Music incl. VOD itself would probably never have heard about such true hidden treasures released on this Box without such protagonistic networking, distribution and promotion back then.

Today there still is nothing that sounds like what you'll hear when listening to the sounds on these long lost cassette artifacts. In fact, the music never sounded better after to the excellent sonic restoration done by Jos Smolders of Earlabs.

The Mexican Cassette Culture box set offers indisputable proof that music is the one art form that transcends time as well as all cultures and geographical boundaries…

The 6Lp-Set incl.

- Via Lactea (2Lp)
- Carlos Alvarado / Decibel / Hilozoizmo (1Lp)
- Oxomaxoma (1Lp)
- Aristeo (1Lp)
- Voladepet (1Lp)


A1 01 Izvara 6:08
A2 02 Ravi 3:44
A3 03 Jagat (1977) 3:17
A4 04 Nigrara (1977) 1:25
A5 08 Penot (1977) 7:06
A6 10 Melrmoint 7:14

B1 Prapti (1979) 8:57
B2 Sadhu (1981) 6:43
B3 Waken (1982) 6:12

A1: Avesta 5:08
A2: Avesta Part II 2:33
A3: Shadai 6:39
A4: Samadhi 7:16
A5: Skandas 4:27

B1 Shaykhs 14:00
B2 Vichari 10:07
B3 Prana 3:13

Lp3. Carlos Alvarado / Decibel / Hilzoizmo
Carlos Alvarado
A1 Carlos Alvarado EL JARDIN DE LA AGARTHA 15:04
A2 Carlos Alvarado EL RETORNO DE AYMARA 1980 7:52

Decibel / Hilzoizmo
B1 Decibel Via Lacteal MexicanRockJam.mp3 10:55
B2 Holzoizmo Hilozoizmo.mp3 24:00-41:10 17:04

Lp4 Oxomaxoma
A Oxomaxoma (Part1) (EDIT) 27:59
B1: Oxomaxoma (Part 2) (EDIT) 20:03
B2: Alvarez & Roma 7:44

LP5 Aristeo - Iluminador 1979 Music recording and mix Heriberto Montes de Oca
A1 01 La Máquina Sagrada.m4a 29:45
B1 02 Antorchas por el Sendero.m4a 6:15
B2 04 Nacimiento.m4a 12:36
Aristeo, Mirrors, 1982.
B3 03 La Trece.m4a 10:30

LP6 Voldarepet
A1 Erial 23:58
A2 Angst Part 1 3:43
Side A: 27:41 Min

B1: Videt 25-7-77 18:34
B2: Vidyrian 25-7-77 5:19
B3: Angst Part 2 3:55
Side B: 27:50

V.A. - Mexican Cassette Culture Electronica 1976-82 (Limited Edition) - 6LP Box

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