Voltage Control - Voltage Control (1990-1992) (Limited Edition) - LP

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Mannequin Records is elated to present a compilation of the Dutch EBM-Techno pioneers Voltage Control aka Arno Peeters & Tibor Fülöp, with a selection of their killer dancefloor tracks on legendary Belgian label Antler Subway. Inspired by Front 242, Skinny Puppy and Clock DVA, Arno and Tibor were fellow students at the Centre of Electronic Music (CEM) in Arnhem/NL during the mid 80's. After getting a record deal with Antler Subway, they started producing their first EP and Acid House hit “Europe”. They took the chance to incorporate some of those influences in their first record, 'Force d'Inquisition', in 1990. The Album in- cludes also the legendary 'Apocalypse', which was quite a hit at the time both in the EBM and Acid scene, with gentlemen like Franckie Knuckles playing it hardly. Arno Peeters was later part of Random XS and Urban Electro on Djax-Up-Beats. In memory of Tibor Fülöp, 17-03-2010. For fans of: Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Phuture, the later acid period of Psychic TV.


Side A
A1 Antithesis Song
A2 Apocalypse (full)
A3 Jack Hallucinates
A4 Outer Space Odyssey (Part V)

Side B
B1 Cybertron Technoid 829
B2 Silicon Pleasures
B3 Quatarr
B4 Texas

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