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Release Date: April 27, 2012 After landing a surprise hit in Germany and the US with their last album, the Russian Gothic-Metal-band Dark Princess is raising the bar with the opulent follow-up “The World I’ve Lost” and the impressive new vocal talent Natalia. Symphonic pomp and a gloomy atmosphere meet thundering riffs and catchy melodies in gripping, theatrical anthems and the charismatic singer Natalia will most probably give many established stars in the scene a run for their money with her impressive bandwidth that easily spans classical soprano, Russian pathos and energetic rock singer. Solid, hard guitar work assures that the group’s mini operettas are delivered with just the right amount of kick and the band showcases an almost alarmingly impressive talent for creating tunes that stay in your head. Dark Princess also spice up their sound with a myriad of influences, from Folk to Russian traditional music, delivering one of the most exciting Gothic Metal releases in a long time. “The World I’ve Lost” is an enticing and gripping trip into epic worlds. Tracklist: 1. Fight With Myself 2. We Can Not Fly So High 3. Fields Of Youth 4. The Key 5. Everlasting Pain 6. Paradise Land 7. Point Of No Return 8. The Temple Of Darkness 9. The Last Page 10. The Way Of Passion
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