Diary Of Dreams - Elegies in Darkness - CD

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“Elegies in Darkness” is the title of the 11th studio album by Diary of Dreams, and the name speaks for itself – the new work couldn’t have been deeper, darker, more organic or more melancholic. You’ll dip into deep and viscous soundscapes made from touching ballads and pulsating club hymns. The overwhelming co-existence of synthetic sounds and classical stylistics has always been the main attraction that provides the unusual and extraordinary characteristics of Diary of Dreams. As, without doubt, this new album proves once again. The band has played more than 500 concerts in 36 different countries … there are only a few bands who can claim such a history, and Diary of Dreams have every right to do so: They live their dream … as darkly beautiful and melancholy it may be. Elegies in Darkness will be available in two editions: apart from the jewel case version there will also be a very limited digibox edition, complemented by a 32 page digibook, a 6 panel digipak and three exclusive new bonus tracks! Tracks: 01 Malum (4:53) 02 The Luxury of Insanity (5:57) 03 StummKult (4:53) 04 Dogs of War (5:26) 05 A day in December (4:12) 06 A dark Embrace (6:33) 07 The Game (3:53) 08 Dream of a Ghost (5:37) 09 Daemon (6:00) 10 House of Odds (4:16) 11 The Battle (5:27) 12 Die Gassen der Stadt (3:16) Total Time: 60:29
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