Architects - For Those That Wish To Exist At Abbey Road - CD

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ARCHITECTS' new album captures a historic live stream performance event at the iconic Abbey Road studios: spiritual home to legends like The Beatles and Pink Floyd. Dubbed For Those That Wish To Exist at Abbey Road, the album features a reimagined orchestral version of their masterpiece album For Those That Wish To Exist, backed by their friends in the Parallax Orchestra, the well-respected UK based orchestra made up of some of England's best and most versatile classical musicians, arranged and written by Simon Dobson, Parallax Orchestra's conductor and a three times British Composer award (BASCA) winner for his compositions. Vocalist Sam Carter speaks to the cultural importance of Abbey Road Studios, "It's such an important part of music in not only the U.K. but all across the world. Some of the biggest and most important records of all time were recorded there. It's such a joy to even be allowed into the building, let alone to record there. It's a very special place; I still can't TRACKS quite believe we were able to create there."

    Do You Dream Of Armageddon? (Live From Abbey Road)
    Black Lungs (Live From Abbey Road)
    Giving Blood (Live From Abbey Road)
    Discourse Is Dead (Live From Abbey Road)
    Dead Butterflies (Live From Abbey Road)
    An Ordinary Extinction (Live From Abbey Road)
    Impermanence (Live From Abbey Road)
    Flight Without Feathers (Live From Abbey Road)
    Little Wonder (Live From Abbey Road)
    Animals (Live From Abbey Road)
    Libertine (Live From Abbey Road)
    Goliath (Live From Abbey Road)
    Demi God (Live From Abbey Road)
    Meteor (Live From Abbey Road)
    Dying Is Absolutely Safe (Live From Abbey Road)

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