Eisbrecher - Sünde - CD

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Release Date: august the 22th 2008 One and a half years after the successful release of ANTIKÖRPER with the stage hit VERGISSMEINNICHT, their next strike will be called SÜNDE (Sin). Alexx and Noel promise their fans a somber medley of dark and rocking industrial ice pearls at the height of summer: Album III will be far and away the hardest and most sinister album by the band in every way – the maxim: Delicately brutal! Hard but heartfelt! No question, German Gothic/EBM band EISBRECHER (= ice breaker) have delivered their masterpiece with the new album, that includes composition in the vein of their previous singles “Leider” and “Vergissmeinnicht”, that both got massive club airplay and a video clip on rotation at various TV stations. And even more: the songs on “Suende” are more emotional and fragile, but also more powerful and catchy than ever before. Be sure: EISBRECHER have not finished their mission yet; it´s time again to go full force ahead for the band of TV celebrity and former Megaherz singer Alexx Wesselsky and his genius partner in crime, songwriter supreme, Mr. Noel Pix. Another Ice Age is dawning, now EISBRECHER are ready to conquer Europe and the rest of the world!           Tracks: 01 Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein? 02 Alkohol 03 Komm süsser Tod 04 Heilig 05 Verdammt sind 06 Die durch die Hölle gehen 07 Herzdieb 08 1000 Flammen 09 This is Deutsch 10 Zu sterben 11 Mehr Licht 12 Kuss 13 This is Deutsch (-remix)
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