Terms & Conditions for Events

1. The Event

1.1.Arrival at the Venue

Entry to the venue is at your own risk. Should ticket holder be arriving by car, he or she parks his or her car at their own risk. We would advise to use public transportation.

1.2 Admission to the Venue

The ticket admits the ticket holder a one time entrance to the event, as printed on the ticket. Tickets lose their validity upon leaving the venue. Children under 6 years of age may not enter the venue, not even in the presence of a parent or legal guardian. Children and teenagers between the ages 6 and 16 may only enter the venue accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, unless the event is explicitly announced as being prohibited for people under 18 years of age. There might be a security check at the entrance of the venue. The security personnel will be ordered to perform a body and bag search for illegal items. Out Of Line as the organizer of the event retains the right to refuse card holder the entrance to the venue if any significant breach applies.

1.3 The Event

Out Of Line may change the support act / program of the event at any time without notice. The house rules of the venue and the instructions of the security personnel are to be respected and followed. It is forbidden to enter the stage area, back stage or any closed off area, as well climbing onto or over security fencing. Noncompliance with these terms may lead to being expelled from the venue at express orders from Out Of Line.

It is forbidden to bring glass containers, metal cans, bulky items, cooler bags, pyrotechnics, torches, sparklers, weapons or any other dangerous items, as well as animals to the event. Mobile phones with camera functionand compact zoom cameras are allowed into the venue, all other forms of audiovisual recording equipment are explicitly forbidden, namely film SLR and DSLR cameras, system cameras with or without interchangeable lenses, any and all cameras with a sensor size of Micro-Four-Thirds or larger (Micro-Four-Thirds, APS-C, full format), camcorders, audio recording equipment (digital or tape recorders, dictaphones or MP3 players.) The organizer may forbid card holder the entrance into the venue if he or she is not compliant in leaving any of the forbidden types of devices behind or is willing to deposit such items at the entrance (Out Of Line will not be liable in case any of these deposited items get stolen or broken.)

1.4 Audiovisual Recordings

By attending the event, attendee irrevocably agrees in having his likeness, image or voice gratuitously used in photographs, live transmissions or audio and visual recordings performed by organizer, his employees or authorized third parties in connection with the event, as well as any following exploitation in all current or future media (especially in form of sound carriers and audiovisual media and digital exploitation, for instance via the internet.)

1.5 Expulsion from the Event

In case of a severe breach of conduct, especially when an attendee of an event is committing acts of crime at the venue (for instance assault and battery, theft or drug dealing) or setting off fireworks or explosives, organizer and his security personnel may expulse attendee from the event. If organizer evokes his right of expulsion, the entrance ticket becomes null and void. Attendee is not entitled to gain re-entry into the venue or to retain a refund of the ticket price.

1.6 Re-sale and Transfer

This ticket is not transferable after validation. A commercial re-sale of the ticket is prohibited. Tickets may not be sold on a private basis at a higher price than that which is printed on the ticket, plus verifiable fees paid at first purchase. The ticket may not be used for raffles or competitions. A breach of these terms will render the ticket and the ticket holder's right of entrance to the event null and void, with no compensation and the organizer is entitled to confiscate the ticket at the entrance without compensation. Organizer cannot and will not compensate for a misplacement or loss of the ticket.

2. Liability

Out Of Line can only be made liable for damages to life, health or body if directly caused by a wanton negligence from Out Of Line or a legal representative or assistant of Out Of Line. Out Of Line will only be made liable for any other sort of damage if it was directly caused by a wanton negligence from Out Of Line or a legal representative or assistant of Out Of Line.

Out Of Line will not be made liable for damage to persons or property and material damage caused by third parties that are not legal representatives or assistants of Out Of Line or caused by acts of God or nature. Among these acts of God or nature are war, upheaval and armed riots, hostile conflicts, natural disasters, fire, terrorist attacks, extreme weather or other events out of the control of Out Of Line.

Out Of Line cannot be made liable for possessions lost or stolen in the course of the event.

3. Final Clauses

The laws of the Federal Republic Of Germany apply. In case any clauses of these terms are ruled invalid, the remainder of the terms will remain in full effect.