Apoptygma Berzerk - You and me against the World (+ Bonus Tracks) - CD

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Released in 2005 on 3 continents, “You and Me against the World” is the most successful APOP album of their entire career. The tracklisting varied on all original CD releases, from territory to territory and contained from 11 (Germany) to 15 (Australia) tracks. On this new 2021 edition, for the first time all the hits from this era have been included on one album, including the singles “Cambodia”, “Love to blame”, “Shine on” and “In this Together”. This new remastered CD version comes in all new Artwork and contains a number of bonus- tracks, including rare and nowadays impossible to find remixes from long deleted singles!

01 Tuning in Again (Intro) 
02 In this Together
03 Love to blame 
04 Black Pawn
05 You keep Me from breaking apart 
06 Cambodia 
07 Back on Track
08 Tuning in to the Frequency of your Soul 
09 Mercy Kill 
10 Lost in Translation
11 Into the Unknown 
12 Maze 
13 Faceless Fear 
14 Shine on 
15 Is Electronic Love to blame?
16 Lost in Translation (Sweep Remix)
17 You keep Me from Breaking apart (…According to Phillip Remix)
18 Black Pawn (Elec This! Remix) 
19 In this Together (Voltage Controlled Music Remix)

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