Blutengel - Un:Sterblich - Our Souls Will Never Die - MC+Bleistift/Pen SET

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25 years of Blutengel!

New sounds, but still the same guy - With the new album “Un:Sterblich - Our Souls Will Never Die”, Chris Pohl reflects his whole musical past, but also shows how Blutengel has changed and developed over time.

“Un:Sterblich - Our Souls Will Never Die” is probably the most personal Blutengel album yet, disclosing deep, dark feelings of the past years. Stylistically, Chris Pohl ventures into new directions with songs like “King of Blood”, “Can you see me” and “Ohne Wiederkehr”, but also stays true to himself and his musical beginnings with tracks like “Back for Blood”, “Dark History” or “Shine Again”.

With 25 brand new songs and 12 (!!!) music videos, Blutengel celebrate their 25 years of musical success.

“Un:Sterblich - Our Souls Will Never Die” is released as 2CD-Digipack, as Limited Deluxe 3CD-Digibook with 5 unplugged versions of selected new songs, as well as analogue tape and two strictly limited vinyl editions. The limited wooden fan box set is the highlight of the release and includes the 3CD-digibook, a handwritten lyric book, a Blutengel-branded hourglass, coin and wristband, a handwritten certificate, as well as the updated version of the official Chris Pohl “Lebe deinen Traum” audio book including the years 2017-2022. Together with the album, new Blutengel merchandise is released, such as a t-shirt, hoodie, bottle and scarf.

Additionally, a 2023 remake of the Chris Pohl book "Lebe deinen Traum" will be available in which he writes about his years 2017-2022. Including new, exclusive pictures and for the first time also in English!


The Void – Prologue
King of blood
Unsere Zeit läuft ab
We belong to the night
The last crusade

Dark history
Kein Mensch
Shine again
Living on the edge of the night (A Gothic anthem)
The prophecy
Wir sind Unsterblich (Alternative Mix)
Ohne Wiederkehr

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