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FEAR 034
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Release Date: 30. April 2010 After the rather spherical debut “Pearls” that was comprised entirely of cover versions, Blutengel-singer Constance Rudert embarks onto a dark romantic adventure full of magical moments on her second album. With Marcus Seiler and Jonny Glück, she has found two partners in crime, making Cinderella Effect anno 2010 a full-blown band. The influence clearly shows on “Cinderellicious”, which sports a versatile blend of virtuous piano notes, strings and Alternative-Rock-influences, thus creating a unique sound that falls into place somewhere in the wide open field in between Trip Hop, New Wave and the melancholy Rock ballads of the likes of Nick Cave or Madrugada. Aided by the devilish violinist Neil Black (who previously worked with UB40, Bauhaus and Coil) and guitarist Carsten Klatte (Peter Heppner Band, Project Pitchfork), Cinderella Effect have managed to create an impressive second album that is not easy to categorize but that will instantly pull you in with its atmospheric and catchy tunes. Tracklisting: 01. Tracing 02. Daydreamer 03. Noiselessly 04. Always 05. The Crown Princess 06. To Keep The Golden Mean 07. Hear Me Out 08. Summer Wine 09. Fallen Star 10. Uninvited 11. If Holy Is…
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