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release date: june the 8th 2012 Withthe immanent release of their 8th studio album, the Canadian DecodedFeedback are either old-timers or seasoned heroes – depending onyour point of view. In the wake of their successful 2010 album“After-math” and a 2011 tour of Germany supporting Covenant,Marco and Yone spent his past winter putting the finishing toucheson their latest full-length “disKonnekt”, an album some two yearsin the making. “Another Loss” is another impressive display offamiliar Canadian quality. Driving electro-industrial basslinespaired with crisp synths and somber vocals once again form the basicstructure of the band’s next release. Band members Yone Dudas andMarco Biagiotti delve into the complex relationship between man andmachine, and consider how virtual environments can disconnect us fromthe real world. The album last but not least includes a collaborationwith legendary industrial musician and friend Claus Larsen of LeætherStrip. Tracks: 01Another Loss 02 NightTerror 03 Heart of Stone 04 BloodRed Moon 05 Dark Odyssey 06 Slaughter 07 It´s You 08I´m the Night 09 Mescaline 10 Soultaker (feat. Claus Larsen) 11 The Devil You know 12 Blade Runner Tribute
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