Nachtmahr - Stellungskrieg (Deluxe A5 Digipak) - CD

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TRI 727
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Strictly limited collector’s CD edition.

-Sumptuous digipak edition in A5 format
-24-pages booklet in special format
-Enclosed in an open-ended slipcase
-Strictly limited to 1,000 copies world-wide

A war is raging in our heads. Man against man, woman against woman, woman against man. Welcome to the era of wrath, the age of discontent, constantly pushing us away from each other. Art is reflecting all this, is conserving human failure while holding up a mirror to mankind. At the same time, art is the ultimate weapon to crush the ice around our hearts. And of all the artists in the field of industrial music, NACHTMAHR has its ear especially close to the murmur of zeitgeist. Since 2007, Thomas Rainer is banishing dehumanisation into an uncompromising, leviathanic foundation of blunt force and ferocious energy.

Yet, this past months also brought the architect of human disasters to the verge of collapse. And beyond. As a result of this, the latest NACHTMAHR declaration “Stellungskrieg” is a fight against frustration, fear and panic, a monument of ire that shows Thomas Rainer returning to the very source of his artistic vision. “Stellungskrieg” is radiating a practically unbearable heaviness, engulfed by blazing rage and wallowing in moments of sublime melancholy. A record like a manifesto of superiority heralding a new era, climaxing in the drooling fever that is “Krieg”, the most brutal piece of art NACHTMAHR have ever unleashed.

Bigger, more arrogant, rampant, more provocative: NACHTMAHR’s Imperial Industrial wasn’t par with the rest of the genre from the day of its’ inception. Nobody was able to keep up when supreme commander Rainer orchestrated his personal apocalypse. His records and his babylonic live shows only bowed to one law: move! Forget all this. NACHTMAHR never sounded denser, never were more self-conscious, never more consequent than they are on “Stellungskrieg”. A record, distilled from the pure essence of this invincible project, a harsh contemplation of all things Thomas Rainer: Passion, brutality, and hedonism.

    1.    Nicht Wie Sie
    2.    Beweg Dich!
    3.    Liebe, Lust Und Leid
    4.    Dein Herz
    5.    Dunkle Wasser
    6.    Die Straße
    7.    Geister
    8.    Düstere Begleiter
    9.    Faustpfand
    10.    Krieg

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