Villain of the Story - Divided (Limited Orange/Dark Blue Vinyl) - LP

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Villain of the Story are going places. This isn’t based alone on 200.000 monthly listeners on the band’s DSP’s. It’s because of the band’s unique sound, which is irresistible while combining the very best of radio-friendly rock music with modern metalcore. A blend that only bands like I Prevail manage to combine that well-crafted.
The band music is energetic, catchy and explosive. This reflects in “Losing Control”, which is the first single off Villain of the Story’s new album “Divided”. There’s a lot of groove-orientated metalcore in between poppy rock parts, which create a sound within the contemporary approach. A sound that is already teasing us for the coming full-length record.
“Karma”, the second single off the record, comes with heavier metalcore sections and a catchy pop refrain, which will quickly imprint in your mind. Tracks like „Never Again“ do follow this approach, too. Villain of the Story really manage to combine their heavy sections with those pop-centered refrains, which ends up in creating true hymns of modern metalcore. But there’s no one-dimensionality within their sound at all.
There are even progressive elements, which reveal a certain deathcore vibe reminiscent of bands like Veil Of Maya and Born Of Osiris. This aspect is mainly based on the use of electronic elements and synthesizers that do their magic in a cinematic sound design. Beside this soundscapes, djenty and bouncy grooves in “Jester” and “Under My Skin”, make these songs true mosh pit-starters. Yet it’s the vocal performance of both singers that push Villain of the Story’s sound into unique spheres.
“Wrong” builds a big contrast to what we’ve heard so far on “Divided” and brings another color in. It’s a heartbreaking ballad, which focuses on the vocals that are only accompanied by some minimalistic piano. Villain of the Story show themselves from their softest and calmest side, which is about to get smashed back by the shattering beginning of “Don’t Go”. This heavy contrast comes with big tension throughout the eight tracks of the band’s upcoming album and makes it incredibly convincing.
„Divided“ is Villain of the Story’s next step as a band and once more proof enough to tell that metalcore still has something to offer in 2022. While the album is an entertaining listening experience, it also reflects a lot of emotionality and intimacy within its strong songwriting. This album is a true gem for any metalcore fans, but also fans of rocky pop music.

Never Again
Under My Skin
Losing Control
Don't Go


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