Blind Channel - Blood Brothers - Ltd. Red Vinyl - LP

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A tempest is brewing from the North! Young Finnish quintet Blind Channel is seriously delivering the goods on “Blood Brothers”, a searing onslaught of thundering riffs, catchy grooves and an addictive fusion of hit-laden melodies and sizzling energetic aggression. Oh boy, these lads know how to conjure up songs that will get stuck in your head forever and they are absolute masters at delivering them in full force! On their new album, “Blood Brothers”, Blind Channel always seem to find the perfect balance between infectious tunes, raw power and just the right amount of ultra-violence to keep things spiced up. Anthems like the groovy “Sharks Love Blood”, the lashing attack of “Wolfpack” or the gigantic “Alone Against All” seem destined for the big arenas and induce the serious urge to shout along out loud, while headbanging and jumping yourself to exhaustion. And the rest of the album doesn’t let up, either. The group sifts elements from a variety of different styles and throws them all in a blender with a mighty dose of youthful zest to create a monstrous melodic powerhouse that feels destined to take the world by storm! Next to the regular album-CD-edition, “Blood Brothers” will also be released as a deluxe double disc, with the first album “Revolutions” as a bonus and as a strictly limited 180 gram vinyl edition. Vinyl Edition: A1. Trigger (03:00) A2. Sharks Love Blood (03:28) A3. Wolfpack (03:17) A4. Elephant In The Room (feat. Spaz Caroon) (03:29) A5. Out Of Town (03:12) Total: Side A: 16:26 B1. My Heart Is A Hurricane (03:14) B2. Giants (03:18) B3. Like A Brother (03:30) B4. Alone Against All (03:25) B5. Scream (03:19) B6. I.D.F.U (02:41) Total: Side B: 19:27
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