Bloodred Hourglass - Godsend - CD

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„Godsend“ is a masterpiece full of enthralling Melodic Death Metal anthems, recorded by Juho Räihä (Soundspiral Audio) and high-tuned in mix and master by Henrik Udd Recording (u.a. Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, At The Gates). Future begins now, and the new world belongs to young bands, that despised their respect sawing on the throne of the old ones determenitely. BLOODRED HOURGLASS are one of those bands: Their songs are attached in Melodic Death Metal, but their sound is fresh and modern in best manner. A band that raises dust and evokes enthusiasm – and that marches into success with straight steps.

1. Waves Of Black
2. The Unfinished Story
3. Devourer
4. Alysia
5. My Route
6. Pieces
7. Ask And You Shall Receive
8. August
9. On My Throne
10. White Feather


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