Sleepless In Pyongyang - Kronos - 7" - Limited 7" Vinyl

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DIN (A) Tod mastermind Sven Claussen returns with his new project. The limited 7“ single “Kronos“ provides a fascinating first glimpse into a playful sonic universe comprised of Cold Wave and Minimal Electro. We believe that a cult-project should debut with a very special release that carries the air of absolute exclusivity: This is why the first single of Sleepless In Pyongyang will only receive a physical release as a 7” vinyl single that is strictly limited to 99 copies. This rare gem is destined to become an absolute collector's item for people with a distinct taste in music. The name Sleepless in Pyongyang conjures up quite contrasting associations: on the one hand, it reminds of the coldness and inhumanity of a totalitarian regime while also sporting a striking (and most probably deliberate) similarity to the title of a highly successful romantic comedy. The combination of both extremes is a kind of fitting description of the music of Sven Claussen's newest endeavor. The title track of the debut single “Kornis” mingles electronic coldness with a menacingly distorted voice to an intimidating musical vision in a monolithic behemoth of a song dominated by the mechanical prowess of electronic machines. On the other hand, the b-side “Starlight Desperation” is a more breezy affair. Powered by cult-machines like Roland's TR-707 and the Juno 60 synthesizer, the song reminds of the golden age of Cold Wave and of bands like early Trisomie 21. Produced by Christiano Santini (from the Italian Industrial-band Disciplinatha), the single effectively proves that Sleepless In Pyongyang are not easily pigeonholed. Retro-charms meet unbridled creativity in tracks that will touch, captivate and unsettle. Tracks: A1 Kronos B1 Starlight Desperation
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