X-RX - Gasoline And Fire - CD

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Almost 3 years have passed, since X-RX ( Pascal Beniesch & Jan Teutloff) released their so far latest,and successful album „Crank it up“. Since then they have been playing at a lot of festivals in Germany, such as WGT Leipzig, M’era Luna Hildesheim, E-Tropolis Berlin and Oberhausen and at the Amphi Festival in Cologne, the hometown of Pascal Beniesch. Finally, 2017 sees the release of all new material. Musically matured, without denying their roots, mastermind Pascal Beniesch created an album in a quality, that lacks all comparison "Gasoline and Fire“ includes eleven new songs full with power and energy, ready to take over every nation’s dancefloors Without any doubt and exageration: "Gasoline and Fire“ is the best X-Rx Album so far. A comeback? - THAT Comeback! Tracks: 01 The chosen ones 02 Riot 03 Code red 04 Dark Places 05 Gasoline and Fire 06 There will be Blood 07 Pedestrian 08 Eternity 09 Lightning Strike 10 Voices 11 Shut the f* up and die
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