Hocico - Artificial Extinction - CD

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Steam from overloaded factory smokestacks darken the sky, the infernal heat of a furnace spreads around and lightnings from moaning machine mouths set the atmosphere on fire - „Artificial Extinction“ is the acoustic cenotaph of a humankind executing itself in its madness – and the best and most diverse album in the band history. Since the debut “Odio Bajo El Alma” Hocico stand for destruction, for darkness and pure aggression. Their kind of industrial has always been dirtier and more venomous, without particulate filter, music, that can only be created by Mexican Devils. “Artificial Extinction” is the highlight in this evolution: The unique Hocico sound is evolved to an even more brutal sound between Dark’N’Bass and Aggrotech. Massively poundingt beats and roaring accelerations show a band that found strength never known before. Available as CD, Double Vinyl Edition in blue and silver and boxset limited on 1000 hand numbered copies including an exclusive Bonus CD with remixes and collaborations, bracelet and certificate of authenticity. Tracks: 1. Dark Sunday 2. El Ballet Mecanico 3. Artificial Extinction 4. Blinded Race 5. Shut Me down! 6. Psychonaut 7. Damaged 8. Breathing Under Your Feet 9. Cross The Line 10. Palabras de Sangre 11. Quiet Zone (in dead silence)
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