Steve Roach - Arc of Passion - 2CD - DigiDCD

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Steve Roach's new 2-CD set (in lovely digipak) seemlessly fuses three long unfolding soundworlds into a vibrant sonic odyssey. The result can only be described as a living, breathing Arc of Passion. As one of the great pioneers of electronic music, Steve's career has many musical highpoints; Arc of Passion proves to be another definitive statement along the path. Advanced response from listeners places this album at the top of the long list of must-have releases from Steve’s body of work. Steve reaches into his sonic palette to weave elements of his three definitive styles into a continuous, evolving flow. Rich harmonic chords, spiraling sequences and deep sky soundworlds move fluidly within this 2-hour set. A vibrant immediacy is alive on Arc of Passion; the sonic textures and evolving nature of the pieces reach into the core of the present moment bringing it into form with elegance and energy. "This arc represents a trajectory of emotion infused with energy," Steve comments. Arc of Passion is a deep and vibrant expression of life lived passionately. Tracks CD1: 01 Moment of Grace 19:05 – 02 Arc Of Passion 31:36   CD2: 01 Arc Of Passion (continued) 28:44 – 02 Views Beyond 21:29                                                        
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