KMFDM - Greatest Shit - 2CD

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release date: october the 11th 2010 KMFDM proudly announces the ultimate celebration of their 25 year history – the LIMITED EDITION Double-disc collection ‘Greatest Shit’. It contains ‘Wurst’ as CD1 plus a full-length second CD, collecting an additional 19 tracks from the bands long career for really the GREATEST shit around! 38 tracks in all, this ultimate ultra-heavy beating has a total running time of over 145 minute and features tracks from every one of KMFDM’s studio album – from 1986’s What Do You Know, Deutschland? to last year’s Blitz. The full breadth of the KMFDM catalog is featured from early singles such as “Kickin’ Ass” and “Don’t Blow Your Top” to more recent fan-favorites like “Free Your Hate” and “Never Say Never”. Some of the band’s best loved album cuts are on display as well with “Dogma”, “Terror” and “Waste”. A true representation of the cream of the crop from all 15 KMFDM albums, this is the Greatest Shit. In addition to a 16 page booklet bursting with cool features, this Special Edition includes a lenticular image from the world of KMFDM, hot and dangerous. Tracks: CD1 01 D.I.Y. (edit) 02 Tohuvabohu (edit) 03 Son of a Gun (overhauled mix edit) 04 Juke Joint Jezebel (single mix) 05 Naïve (edit) 06 Sucks (12' mix edit) 07 Hau Ruck (edit) 08 More & Faster (12' mix) 09 Money (radio mix) 10 Megalomaniac (single mix edit) 11 Virus (12' mix edit) 12 Light (cellulite radio mix) 13 Anarchy (edit) 14 Vogue (edit) 15 Split (12' mix edit) 16 WWIII (edit) 17 Godlike (12' mix edit) 18 A dr\*g against War (single mix) 19 Power (single mix edit) CD2: 01 Go to Hell (fuc\* MTV mix edit) 02 Don't blow your Top (edit) 03 Looking for Strange (edit) 04 Ultra (album edit) 05 Itchy Bit\*hy 06 Dogma 07 Strut (edit) 08 Kickin'as\* (edit) 09 Free your Hate (edit) 10 Terror (edit) 11 Adios 12 Trust (edit) 13 Waste 14 Attak-Reload (edit) 15 Glory (edit) 16 Sturm & Drang (edit) 17 Never say never (edit) 18 Rules (edit) 19 That's all (edit)
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