Diorama - Even the Devil doesn't care - CD

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Emotional, fierce, intensive: The eighth album by one of the leading German Electro-Dark-Wave bands! After the huge success of “Cubed” in 2010 (#1 of German Alternative Charts for 8 consecutive weeks!) the band finally finished recordings on their new opus, to be released in late January. The new album again shows that the band of mastermind Torben Wendt holds the creative pole position amongst German Electro-Dark-Wave-bands. Formed in Reutlingen in 1996 Diorama are deeply melan- cholic without using too many stereotypes. The 12 new tracks combine impellent and spheric electro elements with influences from prog- and alter- native rock. Diorama in recent years have developped into one of Germany’s bestselling dark electro acts worldwide and this their latest effort promises to be one of the top sellers of coming year!
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