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God, demons, Satan, and the classic stories of good and evil have been repeated so many times throughout the decades of heavy music. It was time for something new…

With DAEMONIC, Daemon Grey marks the dawn of a new era. Beyond dark and light, beyond God and the Devil, beyond good and evil. The righteous power that connects us all… eternal, unrivaled, and true. Righteous yet merciless. Uplifting yet menacing. Divine, yet at times, furious. Unleashing the TRUE power within us all.

Sex, divinity, love, power, strength, blood, evil, truth and pain, all combined in a new series of metal anthems for the heavy music generation.

Menacing in its delivery, provocative in its display, and undeniably memorable from start to finish, DAEMONIC marks the start of a new era in heavy music.

Formidable vocals, haunting themes, honed songwriting and lyrical craftsmanship unique only to Daemon Grey, DAEMONIC serves as one of the best and most original heavy music albums in recent years.

Starting with the dark epic “Beyond Good and Evil,” DAEMONIC rips and winds through stories of love, pain, obsession, sex, evil, power and grit, concluding with a one-of-kind metal tribute to the originator of rock n’ roll and sex rebellion.

Daemon Grey, our beloved KING OF SIN, in his very finest form… refined, soul-powered, provocative, and undeniable.

More wicked than the baddest, holier than the sabbath… DAEMONIC !


1. Beyond Good and Evil
2. Gothy Love
3. In The Shadows
4. Still a Slut
5. Impermanence
6. Dear Vampire
8. Baby Be My Slave
9. To My Grave
10. Trouble

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