Front Line Assembly - Echogenetic - CD

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With the new alum Echogenetic, long running industrialists Front Line Assembly show a new facet of this respected band. Mastermind Bill Leeb, along with Jeremy Inkel, Jared Slingerland, Craig Johnsen, and Sasha Keevill have created a concussive, driving opus. Completely guitar free, the new album relies entirely on electronics. The opening chords of the seething “Resonance” sets the tone of the album, and segues perfectly into the complex percussion of “Leveled” and the anthemic dance track “Killing Grounds”. Tracks such as “Ghosts” and the title track show the band willing to push past the boundaries between modern electronica and electro-industrial. Overall, Echogenetic shows Front Line Assembly is in top form, and continues to be a leading force in the electronic music scene. 01. Resonance 02. Leveled 03. Killing Grounds 04. Blood 05. Deadened 06. Ghosts 07. Echogenetic 08. Exhale 09. Exo 10. Prototype 11. Heartquake
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