Elegant Machinery - A Soft Exchange (Limited Red Vinyl) - LP

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Swedish Synth-Pop icons Elegant Machinery are back with a brand new pressing of their legendary album “A Soft Exchange”, originally released in 2008. Limited to 500 pieces, “A Soft Exchange” is now available on vinyl for the first time ever.

This record is filled with breezy melodies, polished arrangements and solid beats, and now reappears with a whole new glow - while keeping its original charm. With its ten beloved tracks including famous “With Grace”, “Feel the Silence” and “Bleeding Words”, this new exclusive red 12”-LP of Elegant Machinery’s “A Soft Exchange” is a must-have for every true fan and synth-pop lover out there.


Side A
With Grace
Do You Know
A Soft Exchange
Feel the Silence
Path of Angle (Instrumental)

Side B
Bleeding Words
Hold On
Is This the Way
Bonus Tracks:
Beautiful World

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