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A legend returns! With Flesh & Fell, one of THE New Wave shooting stars of the Eighties from Belgium celebrates a triumphant return, in their pockets a hit-laden self-titled milestone of an album. Singles on renowned labels PIAS and EMI, as well as tours supporting The Sisters Of Mercy, quickly had Flesh & Fell becoming one of the most hopeful acts in the booming scene of their home country, until health problems of the singer forced the band to go full stop and had them disband shortly after. But even after all these years, the interest in the band never really ebbed off, with the singles becoming cult favorites in Belgium. The age of Youtube gave the band's unceasing popularity a further boost, with a steadily increasing fan base forming around the band's classic songs. When several requests from festivals followed, Pierre Goudesone, founder and creative mastermind of the Belgian New Wavers, decided to recruit new singer Laurence Castelain to pick up the thread right where the band was stopped dead in the past and to record and release the group's official debut album after almost three decades of hiatus. The music on the self-titled album is as fresh and full of energy as in the early days: a feast of Minimal Electro grooves, raw guitars and fuzzed-up bass and a dark and positively wicked female voice, plus heart, instinct and a very prominent drum machine! "Flesh & Fell" efficiently picks things up where the group had left off, back in 1985 and shines with a hit-laden mix of Francophile New Wave and the darkly tinged raunchiness of classic acts like The Jesus & Mary Chain. With an overflow of Eighties-retromania all around us, this not only sounds extremely up to date… it is also a perfect showcase for all the young epigones as to how it is done right. This ain't retro… this is the real deal, Baby! The most important band from the Belgian New Wave is back in the race! Track listing: 1. Hunger 2. The Devil In Me 3. Love Machine 4. Suicide Hero 5. Suspicious 6. Abracadabra E-rotica 7. Something In Between 8. The Wind 9. Tipsy 10. Tongue-Tied 11. Emma (Eighties Release) 12. Hunger (Eighties Release) 13. The Wind (Eighties Release)
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