Gothminister - Pandemonium II: The Battle of the Underworlds (Limited transparent Vinyl) - LP

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GOTHMINISTER from Norway is an indescribable phenomenon. One factor of this fascination is the unique mixture of modern gothic industrial metal, danceable EDM parts and a pinch of retro charm. Other factors are certainly the impressive theatrical live shows or the elaborate music videos, which have received more than 30 international film awards to date. The music is faster and catchier than ever before, but has also become more complex and modern at the same time.

Side A
1. Battle of the Underworlds
2. We Live Another Day
3. Creepy Shadows
4. One Dark Happy Nation
5. I Am the Devil

Side B
6. The Procession
7. I Will Drink Your Blood
8. Aftermath
9. Tonight
10. We Are the Heroes
11. Monostereo Creature
12. We Come Alive

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