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A beam of light appears in the land of the rising sun – a band rises to carry Heavy Metal from Japan around the world and bring it to new strenght. From High Speed Riffs, neck breacking guitar rollercoasters and the traditional music from their native country GYZE create a sound yet unknown in the West.

You imagine yourself between the guitar heroes of modern times while listening to the dream easy intonated guitar rushs. Names such as Alexi Laiho, Jeff Loomis or Hermann Li appears in the memory – so it is just proper that Marc Hudson purifies the single „The Rising Dragon“ with his unmistakable voice. But the japanese instruments shining through the guitar storms are the ones that actually give the Melodic Folk Metal his identity and unique character. As the giants Sepultura once did Gyze set the music of their home on a massive Metal fundament, so every Melodic, Power and Speed Metal Fan will love them – yet they sound completely different.

1. Far Eastern Land
2. Asian Chaos
3. Eastern Spirits
4. King Kamuy
5. Dragon Calling
6. Camellia
7. Japanese Elegy
8. The Rising Dragon - Reiwa (feat. Marc Hudson)
9. The White Territories
10. 1945 Hiroshima
11. Asian Chaos (Far Eastern Mix)
12. Chopin Revolutionary Étude (Bonus Track)

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