Hell Boulevard - Requiem (Limited Edition) - BOX

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Strictly limited, high-quality slip lid box in the shape of a coffin (20x25x9x6cm) with gold foil printed band logo and album title. In addition to the
CD Digipak, the fan box also contains
- a unique, adjustable rosary-style bracelet with stainless steel beads and hand-cast pendant with the Hell Boulevard emblem
- a 10cm patch carefully woven with the band logo
- the exclusive "Requiem" flag. The new decorative piece for your home in the size 150x100cm.
- 4 signed "Requiem" greeting cards, printed on matt foil-laminated 300g cardboard, each with a photo of the band members from the Requiem series

Four years after their last longplayer, Hell Boulevard unleash their latest album "Requiem" on the world. Known for their mixture of gothic rock and unique orchestral flair, Hell Boulevard are ready to thrill new and old fans with their unmistakable sound and unflinching boldness. unflinching audacity. The album, produced by Matteo vDiva Fabbiani with the help of Chris "The Lord" Harms (Lord of the Lost), was recorded in Switzerland and Hamburg. recorded in Switzerland and Hamburg. It features a host of tracks that showcase Hell Boulevard's musical versatility and evolution as an artist in a world that has been subject to many changes and pressures.

1. Not Another Lovesong (REQUIEM)
2. She Just Wanna Dance
3. The Monster
4. Guillotine
5. Rollercoaster
6. I Got What I Want But I Lost What I Had
7. Messed Up
9. Branded
10. Don’t Fix A Broken Hear

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