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release date: 27.06.08 Sometimes, there are constructs that become bigger than the sum of their parts … „Move Forward“ is a lucky example of one. Electro wizard Oz Morsley has locked himself up in his sonic laboratory to create the most versatile club attack of this summer. With vocal assistance from, among others, Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb, Fixmer/McCarthy) and long-term partner-in-crime Greg Cumbers, he conjures up eleven explosive tracks. KLOQ do not care much about musical pigeonholes and mingle pure Dance tracks with quality song writing: Oz Morsley does not only deliver solid Electro-sounds and dance floor hungry beats, but he is also a master at writing catchy tunes. This has straight Club tracks like “Ibiza” (KLOQ’s modernized version of a late Eighties dance floor classic) standing side by side with hearty, raw Electroclash tunes and digital Pop anthems of the other kind. “Move Forward” is a brave mix of all the myriads of possibilities that the wide field of electronic music has to offer… and it just gels together perfectly. Electro Pop Music is too tame for your taste? But pure Club sounds too monotonous and abstract for listening to them at home? KLOQ offer the best of both worlds… and a lot more! Refreshingly different! Tracklist: 1. You never know 2. I never said 3. Ibiza 4. We’re just physical 5. So long cyclone 6. Kloq Film 1 7. Move forward 8. Connecting 9. My safe place 10. Lucky star 11. KM 1 BIOGRAPHY Oz Morsley’s love for the “Electro way of life” began early in his life. The progressive sounds, thudding beats and the coolness of the Futurist- and New-Wave-bands of the beginning Eighties left the young British man instantly enthralled and resulted in an ongoing passion that lasts to the present day. When Electronic Body Music exploded like a bomb in the mid Eighties, young Oz was at the forefront of the dancing masses, riding high on cider... read more DISCOGRAPHY more items from KLOQ
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