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With their most versatile album to date, the Berlin-based group OST+FRONT delivers a milestone in hard, German-language Rock music. “Ultra” is also released as a deluxe 2CD and a strictly limited fan box. "Ultra"... the latin prefix signifying a superlative is a quite programmatic title for the new album from OST+FRONT. With this collection of new songs, the Berlin-based group is nothing less than a groundbreaker, renovator and innovator for modern hard German-language Rock music. Sporting a radically enhanced musical spectrum while never losing the trademark OST+FRONT identity, the lads are tearing down stylistic borders, climbing anthemic peaks, keenly balancing brutality with emotion and fathoming a considerable hit potential from the wide open space between Electronica, Metal and Industrial. The group still likes to hit it where it hurts and remains an expert in wrapping caustic satire in massive, yet catchy tunes, but, this time around, OST+FRONT have spiced up their volatile sonic cocktail with more versatile ingredients than ever. Furthermore, “Ultra” is graced by some exquisite guest stars, such as Erk Aicrag (Hocico, Rabia Sorda) and B.Deutung (ex-Inchtabokatables, Deine Lakaien.) The album is also available as a deluxe double CD version featuring 6 additional new songs and as a strictly limited fan set in a lavish wooden box, which contains the double CD, the exclusive remix album “Das dritte Ohr”, a fan scarf, sticker and a hand numbered ownership certificate, signed by the band. OST+FRONT are ULTRA! 1. Sternenkinder 2. Bruderherz 3. Fiesta de sexo (mit Erk Aicrag) 4. Afrika 5. Moldau 6. Krüppel 7. Suizid (mit b.Deutung) 8. Fick Dich 9. Volksmusik 10. Blitzkrieg 11. Nein 12. Klassenkampf 13. Siebenbaum
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