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Pankow are back! On their new EP (which was conceived with the help of some friends, like, for instance, Plastic Noise Experience), the mad Italian EBM-/Electro-pioneers yet again sound unapologetically fresh, totally unforeseeable and absolutely unique. From Old-School-EBM via brazenly melodic yet heavily pressurized Electro-tracks right up to Industrial-infused epic stompers – anything goes. Ground-breaking… as always. Limited to 666 hand numbered copies in lavish Digipak. It’s been quite a while since we last heard from one of the most ingenious bands from the realm of alternative electronic entertainment. Sporting a pragmatic mix of big beats, the unbridled urge to experiment, purposeful provocation and a big hunk of pure gaga, the Italian Electro-/EBM-pioneers Pankow have always held an exceptional position in the scene. Club compatible… yes. Mad and strange… you bet! Showing the finger and sticking out their tongue at everything that moves while simultaneously lunging out with a massive, electronic butt kick … Pankow have not lost a single bit of their uniqueness on “Hogre”, although it has been some 25 years since their first release came out. Be it on their own or at the hands of resourceful remixers (among them Plastic Noise Experience), the Italians remain anything but predictable. An epic 10-minute-stomper (Don’t Follow) that sets out to prove that noisy Industrial-beats can be a good partner for a catchy, anthemic tune, a thudding ode to alcohol abuse on the backbeat of a glorious Old-School-EBM-tune (Das Wodkachaos), dark onslaughts of fat Electronica, minimalistic Noise-Pop-songs, Electroclash – anything goes, as long as it’s hitting hard. Is this EBM? Industrial Pop? Electro Rock? Catchy cacophony? Old school? New school? Any school? Frankly, my dear… we don’t give a fuck! Ground-breaking… as always. “Hogre” is limited to 666 hand numbered copies and comes in a lavish Digipak! Tracks: 1. dont follow, hogremics - fm 2. das wodkachaos bp rmx - binary park 3. deny everything, pne remix - plastic noise experience 4. crash & burn, memory lab remix - marc urselli 5. extreme, remix by die-6/ismael martinez 6. dont follow, escorbuto remix - paolo favati 7. radikal, nems-secam rmx - p·a·l
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