Rabia Sorda - The Art Of Killing Silence - 2CD

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Release Date: March 3, 2012 On both albums that he released with his solo project Rabia Sorda to date, Hocico-frontman Erk Aicrag impressed with an incredibly addictive, melodic and aggressive mix of Electroclash, Punk, New Wave and pure energy. “Métodos Del Caos” and “Noise Diary” juxtaposed the furious Mexican shouter’s unbridled emotional anger with catchy melodies, versatile song structures and an honest, organic sound. Both of these deleted and sold-out gems are now being re-released as “The Art Of Killing Silence”, sporting remastered sound, an array of bonus tracks and b-sides plus an exclusive, new artwork, all at the price tag of a regular album. The perfect introduction to the wild, electronic world of Erk Aicrag and a must-own for fans of energized alternative sounds! Tracklist: CD1 1.LosMétodos 2.Walking on Nails 3.Save mE from my curse 4.What uget is what u see 5.Voices at 4 A.M. 6.Insurrection 7.TheShape of a Name 8.Methods of Chaos 9.BreakingThrough 10.Insurrection 11.Our Land 12.Cantos deViolencia 13.El Caos Bonus: 14.A Perfect World 15.Save MeFrom My Curse (Cursed By UnterART) CD2 1.FirstPage 2.Out of Control 3.Heart Eating Crows 4.Get YourOverdose. 5.Burning House 6.Monkeyland 7.RadioParanoia 8.Mirrors and Knives 9.NME 10.Money Talks (andRots) 11.A World on Fire 12.This is The End Bonus: 13.WhileThe Devil Laughs 14.Radio Paranoia (Radio Transmitted By Din ATod)
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