Signal Aout 42 - EX VOTO - CD

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Four decades of electronic mischief cannot stop the electro veteran Jacky Meurisse. The fact that his new album "EX VOTO" nevertheless sounds like a legacy is solely due to the musical spectrum of the Belgian maverick. Because Meurisse takes us on his eighth Signal Aout 42 longplayer on a journey through his stylistic imprint: New Beat, EBM, Techno, New Wave are the fibers from which SA42 songs have been woven for eons. At the same time, they are always permeable enough to absorb modern trends and incorporate them into their own sound cosmos. Do you hear the signals?

For fans of: Front242, Scapa Flow, Leaether Strip

Man Woman
From A to B
Let drop your mask
Shup up
Haunted souls
We have to believe
Lucky star
Evening mass
We walk like zombies
In your face

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